Commercial farms start on the drawing board, with careful planning and financial projections based on solid research both on the markets and agricultural aspects. Each farm is carefully designed and built to spec based on the location, soil and water qualities.

After selecting a portfolio of potential crops a comprehensive farming plan is created with required agricultural inputs and calculated water and energy requirements. Then a renewable wind and solar energy supply is built to provide energy for water pumping, irrigation and other farm and processing energy needs. Efficiency and sustainability are further enhanced by on-site composting and rotation of crops.

The farms will have their own crop aggregation, storage  and processing facilities, own transport and in-house sales and marketing teams completing a fully integrated approach from crop planting to sales.


Dansarari Farms
Kano, Nigeria

“Commercial Agriculture Returns to Kano”
Commercial Agricultural Investments
Agricultural and Community Development

Renewable Energy
Wind Power
Solar Power

Advanced Irrigation
Fertiliser Production
Crop Rotation

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Market Development
Onsite Processing
Transport and Sales