Dansarari Farms has located several resource rich sites in Kano and surrounding states Northern Nigeria. A well equipped, powered and irrigated farm can produce high quality crops around the year and serve a large local market. Affordable renewable (wind and solar) energy makes this possible and gives Dansarari a major competitive advantage to the normally rain-irrigated farms with a four month growing period.

Led by a former KPGM London Partner, the plans and business case for Dansarari Wudil Farm have been put together by top Northern Nigerian agriculturalists, leading green energy consultants and experienced project managers with the support of latest academic research and best current agricultural practices around the world.

The investment case is now open to selected key investors for closer examination on request.




Dansarari Farms
Kano, Nigeria

“Commercial Agriculture Returns to Kano”
Commercial Agricultural Investments
Agricultural and Community Development

Renewable Energy
Wind Power
Solar Power

Advanced Irrigation
Fertiliser Production
Crop Rotation

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Market Development
Onsite Processing
Transport and Sales